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Home Page Investment Qualification Project Bottom Line

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This €1Million NUCLEAR OPTION will get you and your family EU Passports and the right to stay in Portugal as long as you keep your investment regularised.  It is available NOW - you can move your loved ones out of reach of the neocons and warmongers today.  Call me now on 00351 281 971

Both Options

Are based on an exceptional investment potential, backed by EU funds.

A Four Star Hotel set in the hills, but close to all amenities.

The investment will provide annual returns better than a bank, and the security of knowing that your money is out of reach of the banksters!

Yet, in an emergency, you will be at liberty to evacuate your family to this safe environment, far away from any “nuclear first strike zone”.  No need to worry about food and water, the restaurant is stocked to feed up to 400 people a day!

The facility can go off-grid in an absolute emergency and will have armed guards on patrol in the walled gardens.

The Bolt-hole option gives you the option to get out in a hurry, knowing exactly what your plan is and where you are going; it is a short to medium term option.

The Nuclear option is a long-term solution intended to provide a second passport just in case the Bush/Clinton/Obama plan for total subjucation of U.S. Citizens comes into being or if the USA declares war, with all the evils of currency controls, conscrition and of course, the ever present “eminent domain” problem, in which the President has decalred that he has the power to confiscate anything of yours and deliver it into the hands of the unemployable.

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Why not visit Portugal and investigate these opportunities for yourself - I am confident that you will not regret it.


00351 281 971 484

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This €100,000 Bolt-Hole OPTION will give you peace of mind, allowing you to live a normal life in the case that a crisis does not erupt, but still have the security of quickly evacuating your loved ones to a place of safety if danger or oppression threatens.

An alternative solution will give you virtual sanctuary in Portugal, away from crowds, surrounded by like-minded people and above all


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Fraud Within the Financial System - How Will it End?

A Black Swan Event is approaching!

The Template for the Next Crisis: Bail-Ins

Austrian Economics, Money Freedom

Wall Street Wants To Trap Your Money

Safe Assets In A World Gone Mad

Negative Interest Rates: What’s Next?

This has Never Happened Before!

Additional facts for you to take into consideration!

Bank Fraud Black Swan Crisis Austrian Wall_Street Safe_Assets Negative_Interest Changes

The Refugee Crisis

What is the Agenda and what is the reason behind it?

Governments of all western countries have followed Clinton’s lead and stolen from the social funds to retain the semblance of a balanced budget.  They needed funds to buy the voters with handouts.  Those funds can never be re-stocked.  They have run out and there is going to be anarchy if the flow of money stops.

This is of course a systemic collapse, but the media will not print this.

The One Party System is at risk along with the financial system and the hyenas (I am disgusted that some still call them “the elite”) have too much invested in both the governing system and the financial system to allow them to collapse without gaining a massive advantage to replace it.

So that’s the reason, now what’s the agenda?

The refugee crisis, mass migration and a breakdown of law and order.  By opening borders, first in the USA and now in Europe, the hyenas have lit the fuse for the lawlessness that will allow them to invoke martial law, with the support of the frightened citizens.

There you have it!  The borders are broken, here is no check on who is entering the country (unless you are trying to do it legally, then you get a finger up your nether regions).  

Summary:  Even if Europe closes the borders and stops the flood of immigrants (most of them are not refugees, they are opportunists – just wait and see) this is a turning point in history that can never be turned back.  How are all those people going to be processed and assimilated into a system that is bankrupt?  At the moment, the cry from the public is about rape, bad as that is, there will be murders when these opportunists don’t receive their “rights”.

Finally, I am bewildered at the German people turning out in hudreds to greet these opportunists as they arrive at stations and airports.  Have they not seen the riotous behavior of these mobs?  Have they not heard the barbarous calls of their religious leaders?  They are in for a very rude awakening.  As for Merkel and Cameron, they have committed treason.  That is my opinion and I am entitled to it!  They have sold out their countries for political advantage. Treason!

Forget it!


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