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Home Page Investment Qualification Project Bottom Line

Low Risk Investment



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Fast Track option

This €1Million NUCLEAR OPTION will get you and your family EU Passports and the right to stay in Portugal as long as you keep your investment regularised.  It is available NOW - you can move your loved ones out of reach of the neocons and warmongers today.  Call me now on 00351 281 971

Both Options

Are based on an exceptional investment potential, backed by EU funds.

A Four Star Hotel set in the hills, but close to all amenities.

The investment will provide annual returns better than a bank, and the security of knowing that your money is out of reach of the banksters!

Yet, in an emergency, you will be at liberty to evacuate your family to this safe environment, far away from any “nuclear first strike zone”.  No need to worry about food and water, the restaurant is stocked to feed up to 400 people a day!

The facility can go off-grid in an absolute emergency and will have armed guards on patrol in the walled gardens.

The Bolt-hole option gives you the option to get out in a hurry, knowing exactly what your plan is and where you are going; it is a short to medium term option.

The Nuclear option is a long-term solution intended to provide a second passport just in case the Bush/Clinton/Obama plan for total subjucation of U.S. Citizens comes into being or if the USA declares war, with all the evils of currency controls, conscrition and of course, the ever present “eminent domain” problem, in which the President has decalred that he has the power to confiscate anything of yours and deliver it into the hands of the unemployable.

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Why not visit Portugal and investigate these opportunities for yourself - I am confident that you will not regret it.


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This €100,000 Bolt-Hole OPTION will give you peace of mind, allowing you to live a normal life in the case that a crisis does not erupt, but still have the security of quickly evacuating your loved ones to a place of safety if danger or oppression threatens.

An alternative solution will give you virtual sanctuary in Portugal, away from crowds, surrounded by like-minded people and above all


Win-Win EmergOptions Solutions EmergOptions

What does it to take to qualify?

A minimum investment of €100,000 will qualify for the program and will provide for emergency housing for four adults (or two adults and four children) in a Four Star hotel in the event of an outbreak of unrest from which you need to escape.  This could be a civil, internal reaction to the growing intrusion into citizen’s affairs or an outbreak of war from which you want to evacuate.  You will be an owner and will be represented by an elected owner on the Board of Directors.  

If you do not need to take up residence, then you will earn a dividend payment from the hotel, restaurant, spa centre and banquet hall. More»»»

Alternative Emergency Group Option - €1,000,000 residence in Portugal - IMMEDIATE!!

How safe is my investment?

You will hold shares in the holding company proportional to your investment from the moment that your investment is received and verified. The investment will be pooled with other investor’s money and held in escrow by the Company Lawyer until it is used to pay certified invoices.  

Your fund pool will hold the entire property portfolio as collateral for the loan, free and clear of all debt and the profits will be shared on a pro rata basis.

The three hotels will be paid for as funds are received, to minimise any opportunity for seizure of the cash by a government or by the banks. If you are not sure what we mean by seizure, please read the accompanying news articles.  Click here »»»»

The first 35 Investments received will secure the First hotel for the pooled account and pay off all existing loans.

The second 35 Investments will be used to secure and re-startup the second hotel as an operating Five Star Hotel to provide immediate income for the pool. A team of Internationally experienced Hotel Managers will be engaged to ensure its success.

The third and last 35 Investments will be used to secure and refit the third hotel as a Country Sports based hotel, again to provide income to the pool.  We already have the Engineers and Construction team engaged to bring the hotels up to standard.

The only cash held by the company will be that sufficient for the efficient running of the Task Force; the remainder will be held in Gold and Silver Certificates, held outside the banking system.

The land and property will be owned by the company, 100% free and clear of all debt.

The conservative projections used by the bank illustrate an income of €1,703,000 per annum or €131,000 per lunar month.    

Part Financed by the European Union

This is your opportunity to tie your investments into a project that is supported and subsidised by European Funds, in this case, the project has an interest free loan for three years plus a bonus incentive for completing the project as per the accepted plan.

Why is Crowd Funding necessary?

The owners of the company have decided to seek alternative financing for this project due to the slow release of funds that has caused more than two year’s delay to the construction phase.  The major problem is that neither the bank nor the EU Fund Managers will release money in advance to pay for materials or to fund the mobilisation of the sub-contractors.

Given the funds via this Crowd Funding Scheme, the project can be completed in less than three months, the Restaurant, Banquet Hall and Recreation Centre will be able to open immediately and the hotel, just two weeks later.

Without the Crowd Funding Scheme the completion date cannot be defined.

The EU funds will not be released until the work is complete and inspected.

The bank will not release more than their specified proportion of funds which would raise their risk profile.

The Subcontractors have to wait for payment until after the work is complete and they leave site until the next payment arrives.  The bank takes on average 90 days to move to the next phase of funding and the EU fund payment can be suspended or stopped for technical reasons (ie., Forms not filled in correctly).

Turismo de Portugal, who represents the EU Funding Organisations to monitor the funding process has confirmed that it is committed to financing this project as per the contract but they cannot provide the funds to complete the construction.

Crowd Funding will overcome this delay and get this project completed on a fast-track basis.

The owners and their families have €300,000 in cash, sitting in the bank as collateral.  

The owners will commit €200,000 of this money to the Crowd Funding Scheme immediately it is released.  (The remainder is required to pay off short-term debt).

The owners also have 100% ownership of the East Algarve Magazine that will promote the Hotel, the Events Program and the Spa.

They also have an interest in Art & Craft Businesses including: Handicrafts, Music Production and Entertainment.

The owners are not and will not be dependent on the hotel for their financial security. A Professional Management Team will be employed to run the hotel.  The owners will remain as Directors and will eventually receive a dividend payment from profits corresponding to their shareholdings.

The owners are open to answering further questions about this.

For further information regarding the historic flow of funds and the path that the project has taken to get this far go here:  More»»»

What is the Financial Position of the owners?



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