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Home Page Investment Qualification Project Bottom Line

Low Risk Investment



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Fast Track option

This €1Million NUCLEAR OPTION will get you and your family EU Passports and the right to stay in Portugal as long as you keep your investment regularised.  It is available NOW - you can move your loved ones out of reach of the neocons and warmongers today.  Call me now on 00351 281 971

Both Options

Are based on an exceptional investment potential, backed by EU funds.

A Four Star Hotel set in the hills, but close to all amenities.

The investment will provide annual returns better than a bank, and the security of knowing that your money is out of reach of the banksters!

Yet, in an emergency, you will be at liberty to evacuate your family to this safe environment, far away from any “nuclear first strike zone”.  No need to worry about food and water, the restaurant is stocked to feed up to 400 people a day!

The facility can go off-grid in an absolute emergency and will have armed guards on patrol in the walled gardens.

The Bolt-hole option gives you the option to get out in a hurry, knowing exactly what your plan is and where you are going; it is a short to medium term option.

The Nuclear option is a long-term solution intended to provide a second passport just in case the Bush/Clinton/Obama plan for total subjucation of U.S. Citizens comes into being or if the USA declares war, with all the evils of currency controls, conscrition and of course, the ever present “eminent domain” problem, in which the President has decalred that he has the power to confiscate anything of yours and deliver it into the hands of the unemployable.

To Learn More

Why not visit Portugal and investigate these opportunities for yourself - I am confident that you will not regret it.


00351 281 971 484

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This €100,000 Bolt-Hole OPTION will give you peace of mind, allowing you to live a normal life in the case that a crisis does not erupt, but still have the security of quickly evacuating your loved ones to a place of safety if danger or oppression threatens.

An alternative solution will give you virtual sanctuary in Portugal, away from crowds, surrounded by like-minded people and above all


Win-Win EmergOptions Solutions EmergOptions

Put your money where it can work for you, safely, in a protected environment and still beat the market.  Don’t leave it in the bank to get a haircut.

Here we will show you how you can protect yourself, your family and your money at a much reduced risk compared to leaving it in the banking system.

The Project

We are using EU funds to leverage our own investment to build a four star hotel in the Algarve region of Portugal.  

The Incentive System

Our investment of €500,000 is supported by an EU incentive of €2,000,000 at zero % interest. Assuming that we meet construction targets, they will convert up to 75% of the loan into a grant.   

Our Project is now 80% complete and is just being fitted out ready to open.  We ask that you visit our site to verify our competence and this will give you the confidence to work with us.

Our proposal to you

We offer you an option to invest your money in a virtually risk free asset, supported by government protocols that offer incentives linked to the facilities provided by the hotel.

In doing so, we can invest your money into assets that are appreciating, as Portugal creeps out of recession and as we release the profits from development of the land, essentially crowd funding.

This offer is limited to 105 investors with  €100,000 each.  The portfolio consists of three hotels, one just in the process of being completed, one that is closed for the low season and one that requires a small degree of refitting (Kitchen and HVAC units).  

The investors will own all three hotels, but will be allocated rooms in one specific (high security) hotel in case of a red alert crisis. Therefore, profits, paid out as dividends will be equal for all investors.  

Your money will not be held as cash (liable to be seized by the bank or the authorities) it will be converted directly to shares in the holding company and used to pay off any debts and for the necessary upgrades to provide the safeguards listed in this offering.

Funds over and above the cost of purchase and fitting out of the hotels will be held in Gold and Silver certificates in the name of the company and will be owned pro rata by the shareholders.

Additional Benefits for Investors

Personal membership of the Sports & Social Club giving access to the Spa Centre indoor heated pool, mini-gym, sauna and Turkish bath.

Free membership of all the club facilities: lawn green bowls, grass volleyball, petanke, tennis and croquet.

Free use of the golf driving nets and entry to the Recreation Centre swimming pool plus 10% discount from Recreation Centre events run by the hotel.

Discount on all lessons held at the hotel and organised by the management, including: art, dancing, language, history, needle-crafts and others.

Very Heavy Discount on rental of Banquet Hall - reduced to cost of overheads only - depending on your requirements.

Discount on celebration Parties of 10% from the listed prices and menus.

Always guaranteed lowest price available, including web-based offers for all rooms, events and activities.

Interest paid at the local bank one year deposit rate.

Family and visiting friends (holiday makers) included in the package.

Option of becoming an Associate Director of the company if desired.

Financial Information

Note: funding must be greater than the construction cost because all invoices must be must be financed and the work completed before the EU funds will be released.  The Bonus released by QREN will benefit the Shareholders directly.

Key Information for the Investor


Bottom Line


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Fast Track option


This €1Million NUCLEAR OPTION will get you and your family EU Passports and the right to stay in Portugal as long as you keep your investment regularised.  It is available NOW - you can move your loved ones out of reach of the neocons and warmongers today.  Call me now on 00351 281 971.