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Home Page Investment Qualification Project Bottom Line

Low Risk Investment

Adna, Lewis County Washington, Dec 2007

The word "Survival" can cover many things under different circumstances and to different people.  I guess in the simplest terms, if you happen to encounter a real bad situation and be able to tell about it later could be could be up for considering.   This does not have to be miles from nowhere on a hunting/fishing trip, but could also be around home if Mother Nature happened to have PMS and dole out LOTS of rain, WIND, volcano eruption, earthquake, fire, tornado or a hurricane, etc. that could effect you or your family's well being.  This could also be extended to major rioting, economic upheaval in a gigantic form, or anything that puts you or your family in a dire situation.  It could even be where you have been unemployed for long enough that you have become homeless.

Be Prepared ; The number one thing that you can do to survive in any circumstance is BE PREPARED. Pick out a couple of worst case scenarios and plan for them.  Now in achieving this goal it may not put you in a comfortable environment during the interim, but may at least keep you away from an unexpected appointment with the grim reaper.

The one most common situation would be a power outage.  This would probably be no big issue if it was during the summer, but winter is usually when you will get wind/ice/snow storms.  Do you have a means of heating your home if the temperature drops below freezing for any length of time?  Lights can be anything from candles to propane lanterns or having a portable generator.  Do you have a SAFE source to cook meals on?  Are you on a community water system or live in the country with your own well?

To test yourself, pick one day and try to get through 24 hours with no power.  Make a list before hand and revise it afterwards.  I will guarantee you will find things you wish you had acquired beforehand.  Then when you think you are really prepared, do another test but for a whole week.  This may sound silly, but it may save your life, and at the least it will make you and your family more ready and less fearful of the unknown.  OR take the wife/kids on a tent camping trip for a week-end in a National Park. Either of these will at least get you thinking.

There are a couple of web based survival companies who sell their prepared lists, supplies and food in kits.  Some are expensive while others may be more reasonable. However the ones I have looked at, you need to pay even to get their list of essentials.  I believe the average American has enough intelligence to come up with a list on their own, IF they really thought about it.   At the very least, do some brainstorming with a few friends or neighbors to come up with your own list. Remember, each of you may have some special requirements.

Click Here Read More about your minimum survival needs »»»  This is an excerpt from:


Look around you, read the news and ask yourself “Is this the place I want to be right now?”

I suggest that you should consider your options, now, so that if TSHTF (or should I say WHEN TSHTF) you are up and ready.

In fact in this EMERGENCY Proposal you can exit your current environment now, with all your immediate family and maybe even some friends.  You will be temporarily housed in a four star establishment, well away from any first-strike nuclear targets until your “fortress” is complete and ready for you and your group.

The requirement: €1,000,000 to be invested in a Portuguese business.

Your money will not be held in cash, where it is open to confiscation or devaluation - it is immediately converted to shares in a company with assets of more than €4,000,000 (according to the bank’s assessment).

Procedure: you and the people that you want to protect arrive in Portugal with a check (or Gold Certificates or Bitcoins) to the value of €1,000,000.

Through our Lawyers, you inform the authorities that you are applying for a Golden Visa and you can extend your stay in Portugal.

When you have studied our proposal and your Lawyer has given the all clear, your funds will be transferred into an escrow account and cleared, then it is only a short time before your cash is transferred to the company account and you are the proud owner of shares in the parent company.

You will then have the right to reside in Portugal for as long a period as you want and you can obtain residency after maintaining the investment for five years.

Your “fortress” will be the hotel with 34 other like-minded residents who are invested for the best but prepared for the worst:  Click here for more »»»

To read more about the Golden Visa Program and to find out why it is the best option for you, please see our proposal: Click here »»»

This proposal is a FAST-TRACK way to get you, your family and your friends out of harms way and into one of the safest environments in the world.  Portugal has a long history of looking after its tourists and foreign immigrants, especially pensioners.  

It is quite possible that Obama will get his wishes and the USA will suffer a major terrorist attack (genuine or false-flag). Then I am certain that the elections you expect next year will not occur and you will have a virtual dictator.

Once that occurs, perhaps even before it, Currency Controls will prevent you bringing or sending money off-shore.  Then what?  You watch as the banks impose negative interest rates on your savings.  Year by year your savings will reduce.

The federal reserve will be audited some time soon. What happens then is unknown. But Currency Control is a given.


For this unique Investment, tailored to suit citizens of the USA or other countries where the government is usurping the citizen’s rights and enforcing a “Saul Alinsky” style Marxist government, please contact us directly by telephone and arrange for your family to travel here as soon as possible. We will arrange the rest for you.

Telephone: 00351 281 971 ask for Richard and quote “Golden Visa Application”.  For more information on this fast-track option, you can email me directly on

Your future

A currency war may trigger world war III as Russia finds out how easy it was to reclaim part of her former empire.

If currencies collapse, then Gold will be your saviour.

The Eurozone has Gold in reserve and Portugal has the highest percentage of Gold in its reserves in the entire world (at 84%), so a new Portuguese currency will be very strong!

Put your tea down, you might get a suprise here.

Your security & peace of mind

For a century or more, the Algarve has been a playground for wealthy europeans. It is safe to walk the streets at night and the cost of living is very low.

The Portuguese exclusive economic zone is greater than 3.8million square kilometers, giving them exclusive fishing and mineral rights.

With 300 days of sunshine and massive fresh-water lakes, the future is assured. You will have home help and gardeners to make your life easier.

Win-Win Investment


Fast Track option for immediate action

Forget it!


Your minimum protection

A European Passport



My suggestion, Plan; Execute and then go back to living your life.  You only get one chance on life; if you miss out on life worrying, you can’t go back and have another go!